Gray Up There, Why?

Gray up there, why?
Men and women, young and old have issues with gray hair. Some embrace it and others cover it up, which colorist and color companies love. The questions we all have is why, why do we have gray hair and where does it come from? Researchers at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom answered these questions for us in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology’s online journal.  According to their research, your body is building up too much hydrogen peroxide, which is produced naturally in your body. Hydrogen peroxide also interferes with the pigment melanin ( colors our hair and skin). To break down hydrogen peroxide, your body produces the enzyme catalase, which breaks it down to water and oxygen. As we get older, the catalase production slows down, causing hydrogen peroxide to remain whole in your body. The more hydrogen peroxide builds up in our body, the more we go gray.

Sooooooo there you go, we know know why we go gray. You know they’re gonna make up some chemical fix this, LOL.  You can read up more on this here.

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