Focus… Do You!

It’s been a while y’all! All summer to be exact! Life’s been pretty busy on me end, work, moving, ministry… It’s been a lot to juggle but I love it. In the mist of it all I’ve really been thinking about my blog and how it can grow as I grow. When I first started TheHaiRazor it was ALL about hair, I mean it’s called TheHaiRazor, lol! As the years have gone by “TheHaiRazor” name became more than just a blog, it became me. Folks will call me TheHaiRazor before they even call me by my first name, which is Ayana, for those who didn’t know. Anywho, there are so many things outside of just hair that I love to share with you all, things about life, health, and of course beauty. At first I was a bit scared because folks try to put you in a box and when you jump out of it, stomp on it, then set it on fire, they act real funny about your actions and the change you made. 🙂

I really want TheHaiRazor to be about all things women, all things beauty, all things life! Let’s focus on the right things, working on us from the inside, out and not just the superficial icing on the cake. So with all that being said, I’m gonna do me, I’m a vegetarian on a quest to better health, and working on me from the inside, out. I want to share tips, tricks, everything about life with you! I pray you enjoy and continue to ride with me…. TheHaiRazor!


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