FitRazor: The Four Fitness Must Haves!

Written By KIMf of Keep It Moving Fitness:

Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to get results and keep results when it comes to working out? Why is that you run 50 miles a day or you Bench press elephants or eat lettuce sprinkled with sparkled water but still can’t get your body looking like that picture in the magazine. It might because you are focusing only on one type of workout and over doing it while forgetting that you must balance four workout must haves.

Those must haves are:

  1. Aerobic Training or cardiovascular exercise
  2. Resistance and strength training
  3. Balanced Nutrition
  4. Relax, Rest and Recovery.

I read once that there are three types of people in this world. 1. People who are in shape, 2. People who want to be in shape and work at it, and 3. People who want to want to be in shape. The difference between that person that is in shape and the other two people is that that person that is in shape knows the importance of balancing the four fitness must haves and is consistent in making sure they practice each one.

Now we all know of (or maybe we are) that person who runs 6-10 miles a day because it has been pounded in our head that running and aerobics are the only thing that burns fat. Women especially are afraid to pick up a weight because for some reason they fear that they might look like the incredible hulk not knowing that that weight is what she needs to burn fat and ironically the strength that she might gain from it will improver her 5K time. What about the “meat head” who spends hours on hours in the free weight room grunting as he live a 80lb bar bell above his head but runs our of breath after climbing two flights of stairs? Little does he know, that constant strain on muscles is slowly killing his ligaments and tendons. It won’t be long before they give out causing him injury that might be irreversible. And we are all too familiar with the person who sits on their behind and avoids any and every kind of exercise because they count carbs so much that they can no longer enjoy the social or any aspect of life and lastly the person who thinks they can get by with 2.5 hours of sleep or who doesn’t allow the body a day off after working out 9 days a week. ALL OF THESE PEOPLE HAVE FAILED ON THEIR JOURNEY TO STAY FIT and they will continue to fail.

A well known personal trainer once said that you can’t drive a car without all four wheels. Imagine each of these four fitness must haves as being a wheel on your car. You need all four in order to get where you are going. You need cardio and aerobic training to improve your heart rate, lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and blood pressure, decrease your chances of diabetes, heart disease and much more. You need strength training to increase your metabolism which burns fat, to keep your heart healthy so it doesn’t have to pump as much when active, and to fight free radicals. You need healthy nutrition to purify your body of all the bad preservatives, to intake supplements needed to maintain energy, and to get the most of your workouts and you absolutely need rest so that your body won’t break down and so that it can recovery and improve the areas you have worked hard on.

Without all four wheels you will not make it to your final destination . If you are stuck on one wheel then do us and yourself a favor and put the car in park. So Remember….

Get Balance, Stay Focus, KEEP MOVING..


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