FitRazor: Should I Join The Gym?

The question of whether you should go to the gym, get a workout buddy, hire a personal trainer, or just pop in a DVD is one that many people ponder over. Often times people approach personal trainers, like myself, asking what they should do or which do I prefer. The truth is, only you can answer that question. You should first ask your self why? and what would you do there? Obviously I am a proponent of gyms because they provide an array of equipment, classes and training experts. However, if you are lazy at home with lack of motivation, you will be lazy in the gym with lack of motivation and a montly bill. Just about every exercise you can do at a gym there is an exact or a modified version that you can do at home. However, is it the group classes that keep you physically active? If so, a gym might be best. Is it the lack of home distractions? answer questions like this to decide if you need a gym or if you can get away with using your living room or the great out doors to keep you motivated.

Not having enough money or transportation or equipment is no longer a valid excuse for being sedentary. Gyms might provide you with a variety of workouts that may prevent you from getting bored but you can plan out some fun, exciting and effective workouts at home as well. There are so many exercise sources during today’s internet error that sitting on a couch is just not exceptable. Here are a few tips and sources that can keep you moving should you not choose the gym.

1. You can get free videos from YouTube. Search for credible fitness channel for a variety of exercise examples and tips.

2. You can start a webcam cyber workout group: Grab some friends you know or in a fitness forum and turn on your webcams and move in front of it. Keep each other motivated

3. You can switch the channel to an exercise television network or show. Cable t.v. has many options.

4. You can start a neighborhood walk group. A fun way to keep you moving and meet friends

5. You can create your own games and challenges (i do it all the time): For example I challenge myself to do 100 push ups during commercial breaks or to do squats the entire time while brushing my teeth or to do 10 jumping jacks everytime a specific word is said in my house. FUN RIGHT…

6. You can get a pedometer and track your steps throughout the day. Set Goals for yourself.

7. You can always hire an in home personal trainer.




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