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Written by KIMf of Keep It Moving Fitness:

Hello HaiRazor Readers,

In an effort to redefine the world’s perception of beauty, Ayana (TheHaiRazor) and
I are teaming up to bring you beauty as it pertains to your health. My name is Kimberly Fleming, also known as KIMf. I am the creator of Keep It Moving Fitness, also known as KIMf, and my goal in life is to educate the masses on the importance of being fit, staying fit, and healthy choices. Often times we are overwhelmed by our calendars and our quest to become successful in our career fields dominate any attempts to make healthy choices on a daily basis. As a personal trainer, I find it extremely important to teach clients the long term benefits of healthy eating and fitness. It is not enough to be content with just doing the workouts or diet until we lose the last few pounds. If I can get you to focus on changing your thought process about exercise then essentially you can change your entire lifestyle and you will never diet another day in your life. Ayana and I will work together to post videos and provide fit tips that will show TheHaiRazor readers how to take the burden out of working out.

Most new comers to a fitness routine want to know how to shed pounds and how to do it quickly. Although shedding pounds is great, I would like to emphasize that it should not be the sole purpose in wanting to work out. A size 2 person should put as much in to implementing fitness into there daily routine just as a size 16 person should. A person who loves his or her curves should focus on fitness just as the person who hates their curves. If you are content in the way you look, KUDOS TO YOU, exercise is still vital. At Keep It Moving Fitness, I overly emphasis the inner effects of healthy and fitness. The fact that it adds years to your life and gives you energy throughout you day is why it is important. The outer effects, i.e. six packs, nice arms, are all just icing on the cake. Think of your visit to The HaiRazor salon, you need the shampoo and condition to revitalize your hair and keep it healthy but that curl and color is an extra WOW factor. With dedication and consistency any fitness goal you have is possible. I am just here to help you.

So as you strive to perfect your outer beauty with fabulous hair styles, gorgeous outfits, and remarkable make-up, attempt to put as much effort into perfecting or improving your inner beauty with healthy eating and frequent exercising. Imagine how much more beautiful you would feel knowing that you put effort into caring for the one body that you were blessed with.

BEAUTY, Live it… Love it… Be it… and Keep it Moving with KIMf


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