FitRazor: Ditch The Scale… Sometimes Numbers DO Lie

Written by KIMf of Keep It Moving Fitness:

The other day while I was coming to the end of my last cardio circuit workout, I heard two women talking about the frustrations they have with their weight. As I began my post workout routine, I entered into my right hip flexor stretch and heard one of them say to the other, “I weighed myself 6 times today and I have gained 2 pounds since breakfast, I knew I shouldn’t have went to that ice cream social at lunch.” I nearly choked out of disbelief and the balance needed to stay upright during my yoga stretching vanished. I fell on my knees. I thought to myself, do people really carry portable scales in their bags and pulls it out when they do as much as swallow spit?!?! Seriously?!?! There is no wonder why people are obsessed with their weight and dieting. I see why people hardly ever see change and when they do the change go in to reverse mode not long after the diet ends. This madness has to stop. Ditch the scale and watch your body see change significantly.

You probably are wondering, can I really track change in my body if I don’t know how much I weigh. That is a legit question. However, I am not asking you to be unaware of your weight. Before any of my clients start a fitness program with me, we take all measurements including weight. After all, how can you appreciate where you are if you don’t know where you came from? RIGHT? My only concern is the level of dependence of the number people see on the scale. Does it control your life? Does your mood and demeanor change if the scale moves up or down a small bit? Is it disabling? If your answer is yes to any of those questions then I would say dump the scale and never bring it out. Otherwise, it is perfectly okay to weigh yourself ever so often to track your progress and hopefully build motivation to continue on in your fitness program. Weighing yourself every day or multiple times a day is absolutely unnecessary. Unless, of course, your physician recommends you do this for preventive medical reason that I am ignorant about. I recommend a weigh-in every 15 days. Before you commit do doing this you must keep a few things in mind. The most important thing is to realize that there are a NUMBER of things that may lead to weight fluctuations. If you have ever taken off your shoes, coat, earrings, and fingernail polish before stepping on the scale in the doctor’s offices then you know what I mean.

The following is of things that can factor into a person weight:

  1. People weigh the least when they weigh themselves: in the morning, immediately after they use the toilet, before eating, before drinking, before bathing, before getting dressed. And after an intense workout. The Idea is that an empty body weighs less than a full body.
  2. Muscle weighs more than fat. So, the more muscle you have the higher the scale is even if you are slimming down. A good way to monitor true improvements without the scale is to take your measurements and track inches lost instead of pounds.
  3. Starving yourself makes you gain weight: For some nutty reason, people seem to think, “if I eat less or don’t eat at all, I will weigh less.” WRONG!!! If you starve yourself your body latches on to the little food that you do eat ever so often and stores it as fat. Even when you see major weight loss change because of a crash diet, as soon as you end the diet the pounds will come rushing back I GUARENTEE YOU!!! So instead of starving, eat more often. Focus on smaller portions and healthy choices.
  4. Ladies bloating makes you gain weight: Shocking HUH? That’s probably why they call it bloating. Don’t weigh yourself during that “time of the month.” You probably have enough things making you cranky.

The moral of the story is, try not to stand on the scale too often. It might cause you to get discouraged because your weight changed against your wants. If you focus on healthy eating and consistency in a frequent workout regimen, you will see results. It’s inevitable. Be consistent, Stay off the Scale and KEEP IT MOVING….


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