My Favorite Styling Products For Short Hair!

Having short hair is not just any old thing. The cut, the style, and even the products can take a blah head of hair to the next level. I’ve tried so many products in my years as a hairstylist but there are only a few that have remained staples in my kit.

Here are my favorite styling products for short hair:

  • Murray’s Beeswax – I’ve tried high end and low end hair waxes but this $3 wax works best for me! Murray’s can be used as a light curl wax before curling and/or to style after.
  • Coconut Oil – By now, you ladies may know how much I love coconut oil! It’s a great oil that is light and all natural. Check out my review HERE.
  • KeraCare Silken Seal Serum – This light serum is another great oil that will moisturize but not weight down your hair.
  • Paul Mitchell Freeze & Shine Super Spray – This hands down my favorite hair spray! I love this spray because you can build the hold to your liking, spray a little for a light hold or a lot for a more firm hold.
  • Ampro Pro Styl Gel – Yep! That brown gel! Honestly, it works for me and I sometimes add a little water to soften it up a bit.
  • Nairobi and Nutress Wrap Foam – These two foams are probably the best and my favorite wrap foams. Nairobi can be a bit sticky so I add water to my mixture. Nutress on the other hand is great straight out the bottle. The key to getting a great mold with these foams is applying it as close to the root as possible. Check out my mold tutorial HERE.



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