EllaVate: What If…

by Cherise L. Wesson

I have heard it said that, “We can never dream bigger than God can deliver.”

Growing up, I loved this quote. I found it to be very inspiring. I was encouraged by the thought that my God will supply what I need to carry out the amazing dreams and goals that have been placed in my heart.

I will take it a step further and suggest the following:

What if…He has already delivered all that is necessary for this exciting journey he Has planned out? A journey that is filled with God’s goodwill, mercy, grace and hope. A journey that is not harmful but successful?*

What if…we have had it backwards as we wait to get started? We “wait on God”, wait on people, circumstances, finances, relationships, education, approval, etc?

What if…we were to take steps in faith and move forward…only to find provision WAITING for US? Provision that cannot be seen from the beginning of the journey. As in life, could it be that we must walk down the block before we can see what lies around the corner?

What if…it’s the most awakening and exciting journey yet to be explored?

What if…all it takes is one step to get started?

1. What types of “provision” could be waiting for you to move forward?

2. What might be the consequences of waiting on everything to line up perfectly before making a move?

3. In what areas have you been afraid to make a move?

4. What’s next…?

*Jeremiah 29:11

To your success,

Cherise “Reecie” Wesson
Founder & Coach of EllaVate Life Coaching

“Helping Ladies Win in Life”

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