EllaVate: Little Reecie’s Big Plunge


by Cherise Wesson

My heart is pounding. My breathing is shallow. I look down and see the water drops fall from the board I am standing on into the pool below. I have come so far, I have climbed so high. Do I take the plunge? Or do I climb back down?

Frozen for what seemed like eternity, I hear the other children screaming, “What are you waiting for!?!” “C’mon…don’t be a chicken!” All eyes are on me.

It’s now or never. Either I beat this fear or this fear beats me…

I turn to walk toward the ladder…

“I knew she was a chicken!”, announces a boy in line.

…to get a running start…

I run, bounce as hard as I can at the end of the diving board, catch some amazing air…like I have never experienced before in all 11 years of my life!!! I feel like I am the bravest kid ever!

What has just come over me!?! I decide to experiment while in the air…

One flip…two flips…two and a half flips…

SMACK! Belly flop!

My face and stomach are throbbing and the wind has been knocked out of me. I swim to the side of the pool in victory, get out and walk triumphantly to get back in line. The entire front of my body is now PINK from the amazing air/belly flop I just experienced. It stings so bad. But victory was too sweet.

This is my first time on the high dive at the public pool. One I will always remember.

In life, we may experience similar scenarios like this example. Similar fears. Similar victories. As well as similar flops and stings. Ask yourself these questions:

1. What situations in life do you currently feel like you are standing at the edge of the board, looking at the water below?

2. Who is waiting for you to take the plunge?

3. What are the consequences for not taking the plunge? The possibilities, opportunities or rewards of going for it?

4. Even if you flop, will you still have something to celebrate? Will you still be able to walk away even if it stings?

5. The next move is yours. What will it be?

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