EllaVate: Do Your Goals Make The Cut (A Must Read Before Making Resolutions)


By Cherise L. Wesson for EllaVate Life Coaching

January is right around the corner. Many people often make resolutions. Few people stick with them. As a coach, I see this often. Not just in January but whenever goal setting is taking place. At EllaVate Life Coaching, I am passionate about helping my fellow ladies to succeed in life, relationships and business. In light of this I have included an exercise that I do with my clients in order to see if their goals make the cut. If you score less than a 7 on your level of commitment I would recommend that you either walk away from that goal, adjust it, or shelf it for another time. There is no point in carrying around goals that become a ball and chain to you rather than an inspiration. Goals should beckon you to keep moving forward rather than being a cruel task master and beating you up. I want to help set you up for success this year.

Go ahead. See if your goals make the cut by weighing them in on this exercise.

Do Your Goals Make the Cut?

How committed are you to achieving your goals? Often we hold on to goals that really don’t inspire us. When this happens we will not put as much energy into accomplishing them. This then can lead to guilt and other negative feelings that weigh on our natural energy and self-esteem. Please complete the following exercise accordingly. You may complete one for each goal you have.

1. What is My Goal

2. On a scale from 1-10, how committed am I to accomplishing this?

3. How long have I had this goal?

4. What have I done so far to accomplish it?

5. Why now?

6. Why do I want to accomplish this?

7. What do I have to gain if I accomplish this?

8. What do I risk losing if I do not accomplish this?

9. This goal (circle all that apply):

Inspires me

Neither inspires or weighs me down

Weighs me down

10. I Am willing to (circle all that apply):

Trash it

Shelf it

Restructure it

Do it

To your success,



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