EllaVate: A Life Lesson I Learned While Getting My Nose Pierced


by Cherise L. Wesson

A few months back, I decided to get my nose pierced. I wanted to for a while, however it wasn’t appropriate for my place of employment at the time, so I respectfully held off. After experiencing change in that area, I decided to go for it.

As I climbed up in the piercing chair, the piercer filled me in on general information and then asked me if I wanted him to count to 3 before piercing my nose or to just do it.

I replied, “Just do it, I don’t want the anticipation.”

He said, “Good call” and then pierced me. (In my book that is roughly translated as being complimented on my amazing courage and supurb decision making skills. Lol!)

It was done before I knew it. It hurt…the short-lived intensity, for a split second, was more intense than my tattoos…but was over super quick. It felt like a punch in the face but no biggie…I got my cute, little, sparkly nose ring and was good to go. ;)

The part that stuck out in my head was, “Just do it, I don’t want the anticipation.”

How often do we allow the anticipation of the pain of the process, or a possible unfavorable outcome, keep us from doing something we love?

If we only think about what could go wrong, we may never experience all that could go right.

In relationships, we could consider the hurt from the past and stay frozen and single (or keep attracting the wrong guys), or we have the option to learn and let go of the past, move forward and experience what the future holds. We can allow the fear of the unfamiliar to stop us from moving into a productive, healthy and fun relationship. We can allow the fear of rejection or disapproval to keep us back or we can decide to, “Just do it. I don’t want the anticipation.”.

In business, we can allow the fear that we don’t know enough or are not capable enough, or “who would purchase MY services?” keep us from stepping out and starting that business, pitching that idea, submitting that proposal, etc. Or you can be the confident, capable lady that God created you to be and know that if He is with you, no one and no thing can successfully stand in your way.

In life, if you just focus on the pain instead of the possible pleasure you will remain in a constant state of playing it safe. If you don’t play to win, you won’t really play. You were born to win. You were not created to get the crumbs that everyone else leaves behind. In Psalm 23, we are told that God prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies. However, I have also been taught that, ” A closed mouth won’t get fed” and “Scared money don’t make no money”. Don’t be afraid to demand more from yourself and from life because you are afraid of the pain associated with “no”, failure or fear. God’s promises are “Yes”.

God let us know ahead of time that His plans for us are good. They are plans to prosper us, not to harm us, to give us hope and a future we can look forward to. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Bottom line: Don’t allow the fear of possible pain hold you back from experiencing all the good that is available to you. Sometimes it might feel like a punch in the nose, but you won’t die. :)

Cherise “Reecie” Wesson
Founder & CEO of EllaVate Life Coaching

“Specialized life coaching specifically for the single lady entrepreneur”


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