EllaVate: 6 Helpful Tips For Balancing Work & Life

By Cherise L. Wesson for EllaVate Life Coaching

Hey everyone! Here are some helpful ways to experience a little more balance between life and work. It is not all inclusive. They are just some ways I found to help me. Feel free to share helpful tips that you would like to add on the comment section below!

1. Priorities!

One thing that I personally do is ask my nieces to give me all their basketball schedules, school plays, and any events as soon as they get information on them so I can plan accordingly. Once they are on the calendar that is a “No-Go” zone. Other things are not to be planned because those times are blocked off for my nieces.

I ask for events in writing so that I can double check if need be. The times that I thought I could rely on memory proved to me that it is extremely important to WRITE THINGS DOWN!!!

If it is a priority it will get done. If it is on the calendar it will happen.

The next is similar…

2. Create your schedule in advance

Be proactive, not reactive. Do not allow everyone else to determine your schedule. If you do certain things on certain days, put them on your calendar and do not cancel on yourself. You will thank yourself.

3. Communicate your schedule

Doing this lets your family and people you work with know when to approach you for certain things and when to let you be. It will be hard for them to honor your schedule if you have not made them aware of your schedule.

4. Delegate

If you are able to do so, delegate all that you can. Focus your energy on only what you can do as well as what you are great at doing.

5. Step away from the office

Take a break to go for a walk or get some fresh air. This will help you to have a clear mind while working instead of feeling overwhelmed.

6. Unplug

This is necessary. Put your phone away. Get off Facebook and other social media sites. Enjoy being. Enjoy quiet time. Enjoy family. It will all be there when you return. This does not have to be months at a time or even weeks. Just do it periodically.

To your success,

Cherise “Reecie” Wesson


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