EduRazor: Knowing The Different Types Of Hair Color

Hair color can be a very complex subject. There’s color that just covers or darkens hair, and then there’s color that will lift your hair to the whitest of whites. Whether you’re into your hair or not, I think it’s important to know what the different types of hair color are and what you or your stylist may be putting in your hair. So here’s hair color 101!

    • Temporary Hair Color:
      a non-permanent color that only coats the hair shaft and can removed by shampooing. Temporary haircolors only makes a physical change in hair, not chemical. some examples of temporary hair colors are color rinses that are applied weekly, colored mousses and gels, hair mascara, spray-on haircolors, and color enhancing shampoos.
    • Semi-Permanent Hair Color:
      a haircolor formulated to last through several shampoos, depending on the hair’s porosity. Semipermanent haircolors do not lighten the hair, they stain the hair shaft, which gradually fade with each shampoo. This haircolor usually last 6-8 weeks.
    • Demi-Permanent Hair Color:
      a deposit only hair color, sometimes labeled as a semipermanent by certain manufacturers, but last longer than semipermanent haircolors.
    • Permanent Hair Color:
      a haircolor that is used to match, lighten, and even cover gray hair. Permanent haircolors require a developer (hydrogen peroxide) in order to work. This haircolor remains on the hair shaft until there is new growth. Temporary, semipermanent, and demipermanent haircolors are often used to temporarily alter the look of permanent hair.

    I hope this really gives you a better understanding of hair color. Color can be such a permanent change so it’s really important to know what your getting into. As always I highly encourage anyone to seek a professional hairstylist when receiving a chemical service. 😉


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