Does Dirt Make Your Hair Grow?

Does Dirt Make Your Hair Grow?
A while ago I had a conversation with a friend of mines about hair myths. She told me that a mutual aquaintence of ours thought that by only shampooing her hair once a month can help her hair grow. She said she figured that if dirt helps plants grow, then it may help your hair grow. If you knew me personally, you would know what I did, LAUGH hysterically! I’m sure you’ve laughed at a few hair myths you’ve heard before too. This one however, took the cake. Let’s look more into this myth though…

Not washing you’re hair for several weeks or months, regardless of ethnicity, is not great hygiene. After a while with product build up, dirt, dust, and who knows what else, your hair starts to smell and look dull. If you have dry scalp, dandruff, psoriasis, or any scalp issues, lack of shampooing can lead to hair loss and/or scalp infection. Some ethnicities need to shampoo their hair daily, and some weekly. Which ever ethnicity you are, I would suggest not going past 7-10 days between shampoos. So stay clean folks!

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  1. June 4, 2009 / 9:07 PM

    I’ve heard that myth one too many times and think it’s the most ridiculous of them all. I wash my hair weekly and would have it no other way. The cleaner the better, for you and your hair. 🙂

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