Cover Chics: Corrine Bailey Ray Covers Billboard

Corrine Bailey Ray absolutely shines on the cover of the current issue of Billboard Magazine. The Grammy award winning singer/songwriter is set to release her new album, The Sea, January 26th. Soooo loving her hair!


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  1. chesiley
    January 18, 2010 / 12:31 PM


    I am shola’s Fiance’ by the way…LOL.I would like to know what can I do/ buy for my scalp that is always dry and always producing a lot of dandruff. I have had to take down many styles for the excess itching…and it is getting worse! I would love to do grease but that just weighs my hair down…I have even tried head and shoulders but that takes out all of the little moisture that my hair has left….plz help…

    Chesiley S.

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