In The Life Of TheHaiRazor: Closet Need/Want List!

There’s always a great excuse to go shopping, especially when you’ve lost weight! Well that’s what happened to me. A few months ago I made a serious health change and lost almost 20lbs. I’m still on a mission to lose more weight but I need “in between” clothes! The other day I cleaned out my closet to see what was too big and what I can now fit. While doing this, I realized there are many essentials that I need to add to back my closet. So I decided to make a closet need/want list.

The process of making a closet need/want list was quite easy. I went through every aspect of clothing and made a list of how many things I needed in each section. Some of my sections were, Basics (cami’s, t-shirts, etc), Jeans (skinny’s, wide leg,etc), Dresses/Skirts, Shoes (ballet flats, loafers, heels, boots) and Accessories (sunglasses, jewelry, etc). You can add or subtract from your list as much as you want. There are no rules to this! 🙂

I printed out my list and put it on my closet wall as well as in the notes section of my iPhone. The purpose of me putting it in my phone was so I could know exactly what I need and not lose track of how I want to build my clothes closet. Another plus is my husband will know exactly what I want when he wants to surprise me with anything! LOL! I’m really excited to try out my list when shopping soon. I hope this helps you ladies out there who are looking at rebuilding your closet with new needs/wants!



  1. October 3, 2011 / 8:17 PM

    Man that is a good idea. I need to make a list ASAP. Shopping for winter clothing is so hard for me.

  2. Wegiveinfo
    October 11, 2011 / 1:18 PM

    Thats awesome. Thrift shopping will definitely help with those in between times c: I have a cute tutorial showing how to style three, quick, easy hairstyles.
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