Cheap & Easy Jewelry Organizer!

I’ve recently been on a mission to make things around the house a little more organized. One project I recently tacked was my jewelry box. Now it wasn’t any cute wooden jewelry box with a chick twirling around on the inside. My box was a plan ole’ clear plastic sterile box I got from the dollar store. This worked okay in the beginning, but then a lot of my jewelry would get tangled together. This started to get a little irritating when I wanted to wear things but couldn’t find them or they were all tangled.

I started looking online for different jewelry organizers and even planned a trip to The Container Store. Then one day I was reading the latest Lucky Magazine (April ’11) and stumbled upon a great idea. One of the directors mentioned that they lined their closet wall with corkboard to pin up jewelry and other things that inspire her. So I decided to take this fab idea and use it in my closet. I bought a corkboard block from Wal-Mart for $5 and used push pins to hang up most of my jewelry. My other, more delicate items are still in boxes though. I LOVE this idea because I can pick out my clothes and see what type of jewelry I would like to wear at the same time!

I hope you guys like this great cheap and easy jewelry organizer idea. Feel free to share your organizing tips in the comment section below!


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