Beyonce’s New Fragrance, “Heat”

Check out the new commercial for Beyonce’s first fragrance, “Heat”. The fragrance will come in 3 sizes, 1 oz. for $39; 1.7 oz. for $49, and 3.4 oz. for $59. There will also be a Gold Sparkling Body Lotion in 6.8 oz. bottle for $24. Beyonce also sat down with WWD to talk about her new venture:

This was my first time starting from scratch, although I’ve worked with a few other fragrance projects,” said Knowles, who has also been the face of Tommy Hilfiger’s True Star and Giorgio Armani’s Diamonds. “Everything, from the bottle design to the name and the ideas for the commercials — that’s me. When I commit to something, I do it 100 percent, and I’ve never had [creative control over a fragrance] until this project. I learned a lot of great things from the past — but I always asked myself, ‘If I could have my own scent, what would it be?’ I wasn’t worried about deadlines. It could have taken me three, four, however many years — this was my first fragrance, and I wanted to make sure that it was something I would love forever.


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