Beauty/Fashion Looks, Good and Bad @ Grammy Awards 2010

Rihanna on the red carpet. I LOVE the hair, even though I’m still rooting for her to go back to black. I didn’t like her dress last night, but this Elie Saab Fall 2009 number is growing on me.

I LOVED Ashanti’s whole look, my friends and I all ooooh’d and ahhhh’d when she came onto the red carpet. Glamourous!

Uuuuummmmmmm Ciara, I know you’re trying to be different and all, BUT…. I love the hair and makeup though. That is all…

Smile Pink, you look pretty! Did you guys see her Grammy performance? Amazing!

I was really digging JHud’s whole look. The only thing I would have done was take a razor to that bang, to much weight, make it look more natural.

Great hair color, makeup, dress, great look!

My favorite look of the night… Miss Keri BABY! (LOL ok yeah I’m being corny!)

Melanie Fiona, pretty girl, great look!

I love Carrie Underwood! Great hair, the dress, not so much.

Remember American Idol contestant Mandisa? I haven’t seen her in years, she looks great! I’ve heard some of her songs on the radio, good to see her career is going well!

Mary J. Blige did simple but classy looks at the Grammy’s. I really like her hair now, very fitting for her.

Beyonce and her many looks at the Grammy’s. I wasn’t really feeling her red carpet look, my friends and I agreed that it look like a lamp shade. :-/ BUT I did like her performance and audience looks! Check out the second pic, she was getting it in that performance, cause her stockings are ripped up! LOL

Mary Mary! I’m so happy they won a Grammy for “God in Me”! I need for the Grammy’s to stop being bias and show the Gospel categories DURING the show.

LOL I saved the WORST for last. I will admit, I do like Lady Gaga’s hair style, not the color just the style, that is all… :-p

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