Beauty Supply Find! Annie Premium Satin Pillow Cover

The other day I had to stop into my local beauty supply store to pick up some Wrapp-It Jr strips. While I was there, I of course had to roam the aisles a bit. I needed two new satin pillow cases for my husband and I so I decided to pick up the Annie Premium Deluxe Pillow Cover.

The cover is a silky satin material, meaning some type of blend, it really doesn’t go into detail on package. It also says that its a breathable material.

The Annie Satin Pillow Cover comes in 4 colors, black, gold, silver and pink. As you can see, I choose black.

Satin pillowcases are better to sleep on because the material doesn’t dry out your hair like cotton pillowcases. I especially like sleeping on them because I don’t have to wrap my hair up all the time. I’m not saying this works for everyone, however with my hair being so short it definitely works for me.

I’ve gotten satin pillow covers in the past from the beauty supply and they all tore up after a few washes. This one however looks like it is well constructed and I love zipper and thick lining. The Annie Premium Deluxe Pillow Cover was $5 at my local beauty supply. I haven’t been able to find any legit sites that sell it but check back in case I do soon!


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