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HI, My Name is LaJoya and I’m a college student. I’m thinking about cutting my hair again into a short style. I want a cute and sassy style but also a style that I can handle. I am an athlete in college and I swim at times. Could you possibly help me out with what styles will look good? My hair right now is chin length.

Hi LaJoya! First, thanks for this great question! There are several great short styles that you can easily manage. The one that I love most is the short pixie cut. This cut is very simple and low maintenance. I personally have a pixie cut and I love it!. I barely use heat on my hair, just a great hair wax to give it that messy look. You can do the short pixie cut ( ex. Halle Berry) or the longer version ( ex. Rihanna). You can even switch it up a do a cute flat style.

Post Swim Tip: Find a great shampoo that removes the chlorine from your hair. Paul Mitchell’s Shampoo Three is a great product for that. Then back it up with a great moisturizing conditioner (Paul Mitchell’s Super Charged Conditioner). These products will help keep your hair in tip top shape, even with a very active lifestyle.

Also, here are two videos that can help you style your short pixie cut:

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