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Going Natural
I would like to introduce you, the readers of, to an new feature on the site, “Ask TheHaiRazor”. With this feature, I will be answering all your beauty questions. You can submit your questions here on the site, Facebook, and Twitter! My first question comes from one of my Facebook fans Marie:

Okay were do I began?
I have been contemplating about going natural because it seems like the relaxers have been causing my hair to reach a point of no return. Help me Hair razor I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! How do I train my hair for the natural look? Currently I have braids in my hair, but afterward I do not know what to do!!!
P.S. could you tell me what products to use also please?

First let’s start with the your hair issue with relaxers. Are you doing your own relaxers or getting them done professionally? If you are doing your own relaxers, I would recommend for you to STOP RIGHT NOW! You’re doing more harm by doing your own relaxers. You may be over-processing your hair, you’re not seeing exactly where the new growth ends and the previously processed hair begins. So if you want to stay on the chemical train, seek a professional hair stylist.

Ok so now let’s get to the nitty gritty of your question, natural hair! Going from relaxed to natural is not a simple process. You have two choices in this matter, cut all the relaxed hair off and start from fresh, or gradually grow your relaxer out and cut the relaxed ends little by little along the way. You can continue to wear braids until your hair grows out to a length you like or try sew-ins. When finally to the natural state you like, you can wear you hair out, in twist, curly, pressed etc. Styling also depends on how your hair is in it’s natural state. Jane Carter Solutions have great products for natural hair. I especially love the Nourish and Shine Cream. Also take a look at these natural hair care sites:





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