Another Braid Bites The Dust – Rapper Jim Jones Cuts His Hair

Rapper and reality star (Love & Hip Hop) Jim Jones just got a lot cleaner… with a new hair cut! Jones, who has been rocking braids for years, finally decided to let all that hair go. It looks really good to me! I’ve always thought Jim Jones looked like an old dirty janitor but he cleans up pretty well! LOL

Jones also tweeted about his change, saying:

Get a good look at the bad guy this is the last time u see a bad guy look this good#SPOOKY #vampirelife #CAPO

Y r dudes postin there opinion about my hair cut [that’s the] ladies job smh [that’s] way to Zesty for me #NoH #suspect lol

Check out one more pic of Jim Jones’ haircut after the jump



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