Adrienne Bailon Launches “FingerTip Fetish” Vegan Nail Polish Line! [PICS]

Adrienne Bailon FingerTip Fetish Polish Line Launch
Another awesome beauty launch! Former Cheetah Girl and reality star Adrienne Bailon recently launched her own polish line. The vegan line, “FingerTip Fetish” is free from all the horrible chemicals like DBP or formaldehyde that some brands pump into their products.

Adrienne Bailon FingerTip Fetish Line

Here’s what Adrienne said about “FingerTip Fetish”:

“Growing up in New York City, we learned early that a manicure is no longer limited to mom’s French tips or the standard red. For New Yorkers, a manicure is so much more – it is our weekly pampering and an expressive art displayed boldly on each fingertip. And as this creativity and energy continues to expand and grow from New York around the globe, each of us can proudly wear our creativity and show the artists within. Now we can choose to transform our manicure into a canvas for haute couture or a platform to broadcast our own brand of individuality and style”



Adrienne Bailon FingerTip Fetish Nail Polish Line

Adrienne Bailon FingerTip Fetish Launch

Looks like a great line, may have to try a few shades!


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