3 Documentaries That Will Change Your Perception Of Food

“Change your mind, change your life”. A simple statement that many overlook but it has so much truth to it. In my journey to a healthier lifestyle I realized that you can’t just say ok, I got this, let’s go! You must first change your mentality about your diet and exercise. You have to know the who, what, when, where and why about everything. So that’s what I did, I made a decision to change my mentality about food in order to set a solid foundation for the rest of my life. Below you will find 3 documentaries that will change your perception of the food that you may eat on a daily basis.

Forks Over Knives is like one of the OG documentaries that every plant based person tells you to watch. Released in 2011, it focuses on the popularity of processed foods and what led to obesity, diabetes and other diseases. It also highlights “The China Study” by Professor T. Colin Campbell, which examines the relationship between the consumption of animal products and chronic illnesses. This documentary, like many others, can be found on Netflix as well as on ForksOverKnives.com.

Fed up was a tear jerker for me! This doc focuses on the underlying causes of childhood obesity. In the film, they follow several obese teens and pre-teens that want to make changes to their health but have a hard time doing so. It also focuses on how the media and food industry on purpose prey on our children from a young age to get them addicted to unhealthy foods. I was honestly extremely pissed after watching this, several times. I felt lied to, pimped and so much more by the food industry. If you really want to make a change in your life, I HIGHLY encourage you to watch Fed Up. This documentary can be found on Netflix and FedUpMovie.com.

Last but not least, we have Food Choices. This documentary is the newest of the three, released in 2016. It not only focuses on how food impacts us but also how it impacts the health of our planet. There are so many interviews in this film, so I loved how it wasn’t just a doctor’s perspective but also many athletes, musicians, bloggers, etc. You can also find this documentary on Netflix and FoodChoicesMovie.com.

Are there any documentaries that you may have watched that you would like to share? Comment below!


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