FitRazor April Fit Challenge! [INFO]


A little over a month ago I joined a gym close to my house. I try to get in there about 3-4 times a week and I’ve been doing pretty good! When I weighted myself a few weeks ago I’d lost 4 pounds. I haven’t weighted myself recently because I didn’t want to be a “slave to the scale”. Summer is right around the corner so I decided to go harder for the month of April and do a personal fit challenge. I decided to post about it on here because I thought hey, it would be fun for others to join in too! So here are the details to the challenge:

The challenge will run from Tuesday April 1st to Tuesday May 6th!

1. Workouts: You must work out 4-5 times a week. I will personally try to do 5-6 days.
2. Drink LOTS of water! Try to drink at least half of your body weight in water each day. I will personally try to drink a gallon of water a day, pray for me y’all! Lol!
3. Eliminate at least 2 of your favorite “fat” foods for the month of April. For me, it’s french fries and chocolate chip cookies!

Any other exercise and/or diet guidelines are completely up to you. I am not a dietitian or a personal trainer so be sure to follow this challenge at your own risk. Also consult with your doctor before starting this and any diet and exercise challenge.

Remember to have fun and know that you’re doing this for a healthier YOU! I’ll be posting my personal foods, exercises and tips so make sure and follow my personal fitness journey on Instagram @FitRazor as well as my FitRazor tumblr page! Let’s get it!

THR Mani: Back To Natural – My Fed Up Story…


I’ve decided to let go of the acrylics and go back to my natural nails. I would love to say it’s because of my lifestyle with more natural products and watching what I put in and on my body BUT naw I was just fed up! Lol!

Last week I went to my usual 2 week fill in appointment at my local nail salon close to my house. The appointment went well until the end. I picked out a pretty lilac blue color gel color and my nail tech applied it to my nails. The color was really thin and looked nothing like the swatch I picked out. I politely said I didn’t like it and we found another color to mix and put over it before we put the top coat on to seal it. Hated it even more! I told my nail tech again that I did not like my nails and he asked me can I come back tomorrow because he was very busy. Uh no! ( I was very polite though, didn’t want to be stereotyped, lol.) So in order to take gel polish off of acrylic nails you have to buff or drill the layer off. My nail tech did that but in the process made my fresh fill in thinner, which I didn’t notice until I left the salon. I don’t like my nails too thin when I wear them long because they can break easy at work. He then applied a pretty hot pink color that I was ok with until I really saw the lazy paint job after I left. And that made me fed up!

Fast forward to this past Saturday when I went to another nail salon close to my job to get it fixed. I almost got a fill in to have them fix it but I decided to soak all that mess off and just rock my natural nails. I got a manicure and put on a pretty orange gel color by Gelish called Tiger Blossom. I forgot how much I really enjoyed my natural nails! They’re a little tender but with my favorite NailTek nail strengthener, I’ll be back to thick healthy nails in no time!

LIVE it, LOVE it, BE it… BEAUTY!

#THRHairTip: Pin Curls!


So you got the cute cut, you know, the one like Rihanna back in the day, cropped sides and back with long fringe (bang) but you have no idea what to do with it at night! You don’t want to apply heat to it every morning because it’s not safe but you don’t want your cut to look busted either! Well here’s what you do… Pin curl it girl! Pin curls are a quick and easy way to preserve your hair at night. Take small or large sections, depending on how loose or tight of a curl you want, and roll your hair from the ends to the root then pin it! Wrap your sides and back up with a silk scarf and you’re ready for bed. In the morning, remove the pins and finger comb or rake comb your hair to your desired style.

LIVE it, LOVE it, BE it… BEAUTY!

EllaVate: Roller Coasters or Bench-Warming?


By Cherise L. Wesson for EllaVate Life Coaching

“Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.” – Henry Ford

This small statement carries so much truth. Our belief system is responsible for much of our success or failure in life. Often when we do not believe something we will not follow through with corresponding action.

In high school I had a friend who would not get on roller coaster rides for anything! She was terrified of them! Her belief was that they were unsafe. Her behavior naturally supported her belief. She often would encourage the rest of us not to get on the rides either. (Do you think we paid her any attention? C’mon, please?!?! Roller Coaster or sitting on a hard, cement bench with melted ice-cream dripping down our hands…waiting for others to return from having fun? What do YOU think?) Continue reading “EllaVate: Roller Coasters or Bench-Warming?” »

Hair Crush: The Classic Pixie

@TheHaiRazor Pixie This weeks hair crush is I guess an “ode” to my favorite hair style, the classic pixie. Simple, chic, easy, classic. I recently cut my hair from an “undercut” back to a short pixie and I am LOVING it! The classic pixie is so awesome because you can do so many things with this one cut. You can flip it up, wear it down, soft waves, curly, faux hawk, whatever you like. The biggest thing with the classic pixie is getting a great professional cut. If the cut is jacked, the hairstyles are jacked! So that means, don’t try this at home ladies! LOL! Research, find a great stylist (come see me if you’re in the Atlanta area :-) ) that can really cut and get your pixie on!

Sensitive Skin Sucks!


So it’s 4:11am as I write this… :-/ I’m up because I had on of those Sunday naps that put you in a coma for the evening and then you wake up and can’t go back to sleep! Anyway, yeah so sensitive skin sucks! I try my best to watch what I put on my skin, then the smallest most unexpected thing will make it go crazy and this time it was baby wipes. I quickly picked up a random pack the other day and now I’m sitting here with itchy skin. I used those “awesome” baby wipes tonight to take my make up off and now I have to take some benadryl to ease this allergic reaction. This skin debacle is one of the main reasons why I’m super selective on what I put on my skin and even what I chose to review on my blog. So yeah, I’m about to sleep this off… good night, or good morning! ;-)

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