Cyber Monday Beauty Deals Worth Your Time!


Black Friday is cool and all, but there’s nothing like sitting in the comfort of your own home getting the same or even better deals a few days later. Check out these great cyber Monday beauty deals. Act fast, because some of these deals expire soon!

Making Life Easier With Homechef!

Turning 30 will have you thinking about a lot of things and one of them is better time management! I like cooking but finding new recipes and going to the store to get the ingredients take up so much time that I sometimes don’t have. When I saw one of my IG friends sign up for Homechef I thought that Sylvester and I should try that too! 

I know you’re thinking well what is Homechef? Well Homechef is a meal subscription service where you pick 3 meals for 2-4 people each week and they will send you all of the ingredients to cook it. I thought this was really cool because it’s a great opportunity for us to try new recipes each week. Homechef costs about $9.99 per serving which is about $60 a week for 3 meals for 2 people. So far the meals have been really good! I’ll share a few meals on the blog here and there for everyone to see soon.

Want to try out Homechef? Click HERE and we both can earn $30 worth of free food when you sign up! Enjoy! 

The Abakahs Vlogs On TheHaiRazorTV!

A few months ago my husband and I decided to start vlogging weekly “moments” in our lives. It’s been so much fun and I just realized that I never shared it here on my own vlog!?! Any who, we are 13 episodes in and I thought I would introduce my blog readers to “The Abakahs”! Enjoy!

Vampy Lip Fall Makeup Tutorial

Vampy Lip Fall Makeup Tutorial | THEHAIRAZOR

Who doesn’t love a dark, vampy lip during the cold Fall and Winter months!?! It just goes hand in hand! Check out my Vamp Lip Fall Makeup Tutorial below!

Hair Tip: Satin Pillowcase For Healthy Hair!

Satin Pillowcase TheHaiRazorTV

Healthy hair is very important, especially while you sleep! Satin bonnets and scarves are great but is it enough? Check out my latest hair tip below!

New Fall Goodies From MAC!

@TheHaiRazor Fall Lip Goodies
A few months ago I got a MAC gift card from one of my amazing clients. I’ve been meaning to use it BUTTTTT you can only use gift cards at official MAC stores, not counters. On Saturday I was finally in the area of one so I decided to have a little fun! I love MAC but I’m not their biggest fan when it comes to their makeup. I do use their foundation and I have a few lipsticks but thats it. The eyeshadows and other stuff just don’t impress me as much as lets say an Urban Decay palette in Sephora. Any who , I’ve been wanting to try a few lip products by them so I decided to stick with that. I love a dark vampy lip in the fall so I picked up the Nightmoth lip pencil and the Smoked purple lipstick. I also got the Chestnut lip liner because it’s a staple and EVERYONE’S been talking about if for years and I just never got it. I’m excited to do some cute makeup looks with these colors so be sure to check out my Instagram @TheHaiRazor and I may even do a look or two on my YouTube channel!


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